23 August 2011

Exploring Armitage User Interface

The Armitage user interface has three main panels :
    • The modules panel lets you launch a Metasploit auxiliary module, throw an exploit, or generate a payload.
    • Click through the tree to find the desired module. Double click the
      module to bring up a dialog with options. 
    • The targets panel shows all hosts in the current workspace.
    • Armitage represents each target as a computer with its IP address and other information about it below the computer.
    • The computer screen shows the operating system the computer is
    • A console panel lets you interact with a command line interface
      through Armitage. The Metasploit console, Meterpreter console, and shell session interfaces all use a console panel.
    • The console panel features a command history. Use the up arrow
      to cycle through previously typed commands. The down arrow moves back to the last command you typed.

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