17 August 2011

Armitage Feature

Armitage Feature like :
1. Discovery
  • Armitage provide several Host Management features available in metasploit.
  • You can import hosts and launch scans to buildup a database of possible targets and visualize them on the screen, working with visualizations is more interactive when you right click on them and configures the options and settings according to your network environment.
2. Access
  • Armitage assists by providing features like automatically recommending exploits and even runs active checks so you know which exploits will work and which will not.
  • If these options fail, you can use the Hail Mary approach and unleash the power of db_autopwn against your possible targets.

3. Post Exploitation
  • Armitage provides several post-exploitation tools built on the capabilities of the Meterpreter agent, so in a way it extends the capability of traditional Meterpreter.
  • With the click of a menu you can escalate your privileges, dump password hashes to a local credentials database, browse the file system like local user, and launch command shells.

4. Maneuver
  • Armitage aids the process of setting up pivots, a capability that lets you use compromised hosts as a platform for attacking other hosts and further investigating the target network which you may find only on commercial available exploit frameworks.
  • Armitage also exposes Metasploit's SOCKS proxy module which allows external tools to take advantage of these pivots.
  • With these tools, you can further explore and maneuver through the network.

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