07 September 2011

What Is Forex Trading ????

Forex or FX is short for foreign exchange. So forex trading is currency trading. You simply exchange one nation’s currency for another in the hope of making money when the exchange rates change. The rates are constantly changing due to market news, national events, changes in values on a country’s stock exchange, etc.

02 September 2011

What Is Slackware ???

Slackware was the first Linux distribution to achieve widespread use. It was started by Patrick Volkerding in late 1992. He had gotten introduced to Linux when he needed an inexpensive LISP interpreter for a project. At that time, there were very few distributions, so Patrick went with the distribution from Soft Landing systems (SLS Linux).

01 September 2011

Kernel.org Cracked

"As has recently been announced on the main kernel.org page, the main kernel.org server (known as “hera”) was recently compromised by an unknown intruder. This person was able to gain