23 July 2011

PC to PC Internet Telephone Call

This part will explain the simplest VoIP call technique using a computer to call another computer or VoIP network. All you need is a computer with a sound card, headset, microphone and internet connectivity. How much these equipments will cost depend on the specification you use. But sinceVoIP for personal use does not require sophisticated equipment, these equipments will not cost much. Of these requirements, bandwidth is perhaps the most important, as it determines how good the voice quality of your VoIP communication.
For this PC­to­PC communication, you need to register with a SIP provider. The one we provided as an example in this book is http://www.voiprakyat.or.id. Then you will learn how to install a softphone in your computer—the software required for VoIP communication—how to configure the softphone to register yourself using the SIP account you have created and how to use the softphone.
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